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Welcome to GamingWorldLinks: Max Payne is one of the best game that has ever released on the android devices and also pc and consoles. Max Payne apk modded version is now available to download on our website.

Max Payne apk starts with the story of a Police Detective and when he returns home how he saw his family murdered. The Max Payne then goes on to find the people who did that and uncovers there is a whole group of people behind the whole case.

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Max Payne Apk Lite Download

Max Payne Apk Lite Version
Max Payne Apk Lite Version


App name Max Payne Lite
Rockstar Games, Remedy Studios
420 MB
4.3 and up
Latest Mod Lite Version Mod
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Max Payne lite is available for download for android devices from our website gamingworldlinks and you can download it anytime you want. The links are up 24/7. The game is very classic and people really love to play it nowadays.

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Max Payne game is one of the best game that has ever released. The how-to guide for “ how to download max Payne on android” will be available below for you to download.

Speaking about the features and what this game has to offer you, we have pretty much all the info about it because we have tried this ourselves.

So below are the features of this Max Payne apk lite version.

Features of Max Payne Apk Lite

  • This was the first game that introduced bullet time features. Since then this feature has been top-notch for the android gaming companies and this feature is being used in all the games.
  • The game has really classic graphics that you can enjoy, the game graphics are not that good but still, you can play it on any resolution.
    Remastered especially for android. The game has been remastered for android especially by the Rockstar Games. The game now has very to no bugs as of now.
  • Tons of Guns available for shooting. The game has around 15 guns that you can use. You can unlock all the guns as soon as you complete the game.
  • Awesome Storyline is the base of this game. We all know that the game depends on only three things – Graphics, Gameplay, Story. And Story makes a game king of its a genre. The story is the reason why people love to play this game over and over.

So, now let’s talk about How to Install the game for android users.

How-to Guide: How to Install Max Payne Apk on android devices

First of all, you need to download all the necessary files to play this game in your android device. We recommend you using IDM download manager if you are downloading the game from PC. You can use any browser on android if you are using it on android.

So, Now follow along and carefully read all the steps below!

  1. First of all download the latest files from the link above.
  2. After downloading, Extract the files using ZArchiver application.
  3. After downloading, Cut The Data folder and paste it to PhoneStorage>Android>Obb
  4. Install the Apk that you just downloaded.
  5. Open the apk and grant permissions if needed.
  6. Now, The Game Will Crash. But don’t worry, Just RESTART the game and enjoy.
  7. The game will now run properly without any problem.

The Max Payne apk will now start and you can enjoy the game to the fullest. Don’t forget to wear headphones because the game has really awesome soundtrack.

What Famous Gamers Says About Max Payne

“Max Payne is one of my best favourite games that I have ever Played” GGM (Youtuber)

“Most Legendary Game With Brilliant Soundtrack that has ever released” Harsh Gogia (Youtuber)

“If you’re looking for a great thrill ride, an interesting story, and bleeding-edge technology, Max Payne delivers all of them”

Requirements For Max Payne Lite

  • Alteast 600 MB Space is available.
  • Android 3+ installed on the device.
  • Alteast 512 MB of Ram available.

so the requirements are really low and you can play the game on almost any device.

Gameplay and ScreenShots

Below you will find the gameplay and screenshot for the game. Make Sure To Share the article!

Max Payne Apk Lite Version
Max Payne Apk
Max Payne Apk Lite Version
Max Payne Apk Lite Version
Max Payne Apk Lite Version
Max Payne Apk Lite Version

Final Words: Max Payne Lite is Brilliant!

If you’re looking for a great thrill ride, an interesting story, and bleeding-edge technology, Max Payne delivers all of them. As with any engine’s first title, its potential is not totally fulfilled, but the graphical novelties outweigh any shortcomings. Fans are already set to work on modifying their own Max Payne total conversions. We’re dying to see what comes next.


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