The Best Alternatives: Games Like Toon Blast (July 2022)

The Best Alternatives: Games Like Toon Blast (July 2022)


The Best Alternatives: Games Like Toon Blast (July 2022): Are you looking for the games like Toon Blast to have a fun gaming experience with your friends and family? But you are also bored with Toon Blast because everyone is busy playing that one game the entire time, don’t worry I got you covered for your weekend plans.

Toon Blast is a captivating Match-3, Puzzle, and Single-player video game for iOS and Android that was created and published by Peak Games. The game’s interesting gameplay offers endless entertainment and has playable characters like Bruno Bear, Cooper Cat, Wally Wolf, and others. It takes place in a crazy cartoon universe.

But before we start, let me tell you a bit about myself. Being a gamer geek, I used to play a lot of games on my phone before I got my first PC, now its all a new gaming set up together. But the gaming experience gives me the same thrill and fun regardless of the device. Writing over 100 articles as the editor on GamingWorldLinks, I have developed an expertise on Gaming, Tech and Entertainment news.

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The Best Alternatives: Games Like Toon Blast (July 2022)

The Best Alternatives: Games Like Toon Blast (July 2022)
The Best Alternatives: Games Like Toon Blast (July 2022)

By touching on bricks, players can solve riddles and advance in the game. To remove two identically coloured blocks, tap on them. To make powerups, tap on a lot of blocks at once.

As you advance through the game, you will come across a variety of barriers and other puzzle pieces that you must match.
I adore playing Toon Blast. The game’s rapid-fire tempo appeals to me. Making new matches doesn’t need waiting for existing ones to end.

  • Level completion only takes a few minutes. This is good for me because it allows me to jump right into the game and advance quickly.
  • More match-three games should play like Toon Blast, in my opinion.
  • Some of the best in-game activities in a match-three game can be found in Toon Blast.
  • Playing the events is a lot of fun, and they are also quite rewarding.

I wish some more programmers would pay attention and adopt these concepts.

What are highlight elements of Toon Blast?

  • Toon Blast has excellent visuals. When compared to Toy Blast, the game looks a lot better. I appreciate the new look of the game, which has more brilliant colours.
  • The game’s elements appear to be more vivid and emotive. Additionally, the animations are well-done and quick. I think the game’s characters are nice? These three characters appear to be the focus of the game. Every universe has a special scenario that includes all three characters.
  • Good music can be heard on Toon Blast. I hesitate to call it my fave. On the other hand, I always appreciate original instrumental music in video games. The sounds are also pleasing. When you combine two explosives, the exploding sound is my favourite.
  • When you are down to your final five movements in a level, the game also makes a sound. The use of this sound to alert gamers to something significant is clever. I wish more match-3 games followed this pattern.

The Best Alternatives: Games Like Toon Blast:

Mystic Marbles

The Best Alternatives: Games Like Toon Blast (July 2022)
The Best Alternatives: Games Like Toon Blast (July 2022)

Mystic Marbles is an enjoyable adventure, puzzle, match-3, single-player, and multiplayer video game that was created and produced by Jyri Kilpelaninen. You can play the game in multiplayer and get caught up in the Drag and Drop action.

You have 60 seconds to improve your score and gather as many points as you can by matching or mixing a minimum of three marbles. Each of the game’s many locations has dozens of levels that you must complete in order to advance and level up.

The most important aspects of the game are available, including Special Varieties, Score Modes, Bonus Marbles, Local Multiplayer, Unlock Power-ups, Boosts, Items, and more.
With the best mechanics, gorgeous graphics, and engrossing gameplay, Mystic Marbles is a fantastic game to play and enjoy.

Wizard of OZ: Magic Match

The Best Alternatives: Games Like Toon Blast (July 2022)
The Best Alternatives: Games Like Toon Blast (July 2022)

For Android and iOS, Magic Match is a puzzle, match-3, adventure, and single-player video game. Characters including the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, and Dorothy can be found in the game, which is located in a magical country.

It takes you to the Emerald City and then sends you on an incredible quest in which you must solve a series of puzzles to find amazing scenes from the movie.
In order to destroy objects and make room for new ones, you must combine three or more objects. There are various levels, and each group needs a certain number of points to be unlocked.

Playing the game becomes increasingly difficult as it goes along. Each stage requires you to acquire various elements within a set amount of movements.

Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords

The Best Alternatives: Games Like Toon Blast (July 2022)
The Best Alternatives: Games Like Toon Blast (July 2022)

A role-playing video game called Challenge of the Warlords was created by Infinite Interactive and released by D3 Publisher. The plot of the game is based on the Warlords Universe and it has both single-player and multiplayer modes.

The player gains control of the protagonist, who possesses morale, fighting prowess, and magical affinity, among other qualities.
The player must complete a number of objectives at the beginning of the game to advance the plot and accept side quests to gain access to additional items, currency, and experience.

The player utilises gold to buy equipment that gives them advantages over foes in battle.

A basic map is provided by the game, and as additional tasks are completed, towns, dungeons, and cities of interest become accessible locations.

Bubble Witch 3 Saga

The Best Alternatives: Games Like Toon Blast (July 2022)
The Best Alternatives: Games Like Toon Blast (July 2022)

King created and released the puzzle, match-3, and single-player video game Bubble Witch 3 Saga for mobile and Microsoft Windows.

Stella is made playable in the outstanding play in the Bubble Witch series. According to the plot, the female protagonist needs your assistance to defeat the evil Wilbur in a difficult mission. You must explore many realms and pop as many bubbles as you can if you want to get the most points and fully enjoy the bubble blasting gaming experience.

There are various phases, each with a unique collection of vibrant bubbles. It would be ideal to aim and let go of the balloon to smash two bubbles of the same colour and earn points.

Jewel Quest Pack

The Best Alternatives: Games Like Toon Blast (July 2022)
The Best Alternatives: Games Like Toon Blast (July 2022)

For gamers who like these games, Jewel Quest Pack is a Puzzle, Match-3, and Hidden Object game. The game contains a single-player mode and more than 200 levels filled with challenging puzzles.

Three games from the series are included in the Jewel Quest Pack: Jewel Quest, Jewel Quest Pack II, and Jewel Quest Pack III. Every book features a unique plot, setting, and puzzles to be solved.

To break them and make place for the upcoming elements, the player must match at least three like shaped objects in the level.
The game will grant the player access to new levels and power-ups when they finish the task and the level. A traditional match-3 gameplay experience with a variety of style levels is presented to the user.

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Honorable Mentions on The Best Alternatives: Games Like Toon Blast:

Bejeweled 2 Deluxe: Seventeen different planets, including Tau Heximus, Seraph III, Maya III, Tororoid X, and others, are included in the game. Although the game seems straightforward, mastering it is difficult. By crushing as many gems as you can, you can unlock power-ups, boosters, and other gorgeous goodies at each level.

Tower of Saviors: Characters in the game include Molly, Sean, Duncan, Endor, Nathaniel, and others, and Match-3 gameplay is featured. Each character have a unique set of skills and talents.
Your main objective as the protagonist is to smash and score the maximum points possible by matching at least three identical coloured gems in order to repair the universe.

Final Words on The Best Alternatives: Games Like Toon Blast:

You must match cubes to advance through various rounds of the game, and you must create combos to get bonuses and boosters.
Your ultimate objective is to solve the challenging issues and assist the Toon Gang in exploring the mysterious locations.

You can put together a team to compete against others, and if you win, you’ll rule the magical universe. Collect three stars on each level to advance to the next level and access new content.

Numerous obstacles, earning stars by finishing levels, receiving lives from teammates, unlocking boosters, and other noteworthy aspects are present in Toon Blast.

The best alternatives to this game are therefore those listed above; you can try any of them or recommend some that are even better. Stay tuned for more awesome games!

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