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Download Zerodha Pi Software is now available for download PC for free. You can Download Zerodha Pi Software on Gamingworldlinks for free.

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What is Zerodha Pi?

Zerodha Pi Software Download

Zerodha Broking Limited is an Indian Financial Services Company that offers retail brokerage, currencies, and commodities trading, Mutual Funda, and bonds. Zerodha was founded in 2010 by Nithin Kamath and Nikhil Kamath and the company’s headquarter is in Banglore. Zerodha is used for trading.

We all know about Zerodha but most people have no clue what Zerodha pi is. Zerodha Pi is also a trading platform but it’s a trading terminal software from the Indian Financial Service company, Zerodha. Zerodha Pi is an installable file that users can download into their PC and Laptops and install for trading usage. Zerodha has many trading platform options for their users or clients but Zerodha Pi also makes a good case.

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Zerodha Pi Software Features/Advantages

I told you in the above section what is Zerodha pi and it is also a good case to use for trading but I did not tell you what its features or advantages are, now I am going to tell you why and how Zerodha Pi helps you and some advantages to use it.
  1. Zerodha Pi size is small and uses low memory and CPU Resources of your Desktop or Laptop, unlike some other applications and software.
  2. You can trade with much better speed and performance because it provides a higher configuration.
  3. If you have a network connection problem and your internet speed is not fast and you are facing problems while trading because of your slow internet connection then you should use Zerodha Pi. It is known to be one of those trading platforms that work well at low internet bandwidth.
  4. Users can place their orders directly from the charts post-analysis which helps you to save time. Especially if you are in intraday trading you should use it, that will save you too much time.
  5. If you prefer performance, quick tips, and high usability and you are in intraday trading then you should use it. It has everything you need.
  6. A wide range of features are available for the trader, be at beginner level or an expert.
  7. The process is too easy for Zerodha fund transfer.
  8. Zero Brokerage charge for delivery trading.
  9. 100+ indicators are available for your help so you can trade without any problem.
  10. Bracket Order and Cover Order (BO & CO) facilities are available in Zerodha platforms.

These are some features and advantages Zerodha Pi software has. If you are looking for these advantages then you can use this software and it will help you.

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Zerodha Pi Disadvantages

I told you its advantages and we all know everything has its benefits and loss. Now you know Zerodha Pi’s Advantages and how it benefits you now I am going to tell you some disadvantages of Zerodha Pi Software so read the full article and then decide yourself which software is the best and this software is for you or not.

Zerodha Pi does not give a full fundamental analysis or report to its clients as other platforms do.

Fewer options as far as a backup is concerned.

Stability is also concerned sometimes while trading when gets a high traffic situation and submissions.

Mac Version is not available.

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How to Download Zerodha Pi Software?

We know some of the users may face problems while installation so we always provide a how-to download and install tutorial so you can install files from gamingworldlinks easily. Make sure to check the full steps and follow step by step.

  1. Go to Below Section.
  2. Log in with your Zerodha Credential.
  3. Download the file.
  4. After downloading the Zerodha Pi Zip file, extract it.
  5. Click on Zerodha Pi Setup.exe File and Click on YES
  6. It will take 3 or 4 minutes to install.
  7. Now after this Zerodha Pi shortcut icon have been created on your desktop
  8. Launch the Zerodha Pi Trading Software,
  9. Login to your Credential Account and it will launch the Zerodha Pi Software.
  10. Provide the Login Credential and it will launch the software.

Zerodha Pi Software Download (Link)


Final Words

If you were concerned about Zerodha Pi is for you or not and want to download Zerodha Pi Software then here’s information about Zerodha Pi Software and the download link also. I recommend you read the full article if you do not know about Zerodha Pi software and then download it.

We also Provide a Full step by step tutorial on how to download and install Zerodha Pi software on PC so make sure to read it if you do not know how to download it.

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